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Standardized supplement

What does it mean for a supplement to be standardized?

When it comes to supplements, standardization means that the manufacturer follows the same formula every time they produce that specific supplement. Companies utilize the procedure of standardization to ensure batch-to-batch consistency of the products they manufacture. This process often offers a degree of quality control. In some products, standardization identifies certain chemicals that can be applied to create a dependable product.

In the United States, standardization is not a requirement for dietary supplements. In fact, there is no legal definition of standardization that exists for these supplements. For this reason, the term “standardization” can be defined in various ways. Often times, companies will use standardization incorrectly by referencing it to uniform manufacturing procedures; following a formula is adequate to call a product standardized. Taken together, it’s important to realize that when a nutritional supplement is labeled as “standardized,” it’s not making a claim about product quality.

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