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Current Promotions

Welcome to the consolidated list of all of our current promotions and coupon codes!

July 2019 Promotions


  • Use coupon code HAPPYFACE to get 15% off the purchase price of our bestselling Anti Aging Face Cream with White Curcumin.  Protect your skin this summer and all year with the antioxidant power of white curcumin.  White curcumin has been known to promote skin cell regeneration, thereby improving the appearance of skin by decreasing fine lines and hyper pigmentation (commonly referred to as age spots).  Our Anti Aging Face Cream is paraben-free and glycol-free, making it extraordinarily gentle on our skin.


  • When you buy 2 bottles of Blood Pressure Support, you get 1 bottle free.   There is NO code for this offer.  When there are 2 or more bottles of Blood Pressure Support in your order, a 3rd one will automatically be added to your package.   This offer starts on July 10, 2019 and expires on July 31, 2019