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Ageless Cures Super Boswellia Powder Supplement


Super Boswellin – Extra Strength Boswellia containing 300% more boswellic acids that have shown to block the release of leukotrienes and reduce inflammation.

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What is Ageless Cures Super Boswellin and how can it help me?

Boswellin is extracted from Boswellia serrata—a tree native to India and the Arabian Peninsula that is commonly used in Ayurveda. The resins and sap derived from the Boswellia serrata tree have been used as natural relief for inflammatory conditions for centuries. The active anti-inflammatory component is a particular boswellic acid that has been shown to block the release of leukotrienes.

Learn more about boswellic acids and their role in reducing inflammation

Boswellic acids are often compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as your over-the-counter ibuprofen, but that’s not an entirely fair comparison. The only commonality between NSAIDs and the anti-inflammatory compounds found in boswellic acids is that they both relieve inflammation to varying degrees. The differences, however, are more meaningful.

Difference #1: Prevention vs. Band-Aid
Given that boswellic acids have consistently shown to modulate the immune system, it’s appropriate to view these compounds as both preventative and palliative. Conversely, NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen) are more appropriately understood as only palliative in nature. Boswellic acids modulate the immune system by inhibiting 5-lipoxygenase—the enzyme responsible for production of inflammatory leukotrienes, which are at the root of allergic responses, inflammation, and damage to the mucus lining in the gastric system, amongst many other symptoms.

Blocking the production of leukotrienes actually addresses the root of inflammation, whereas NSAIDs only treat the symptoms of inflammation.

Difference #2: Side Effects
We are often told to limit our consumption of ibuprofen, sodium naproxen, and other NSAIDs because these medications damage our stomach linings. While this is definitely true, it’s not the only reason to avoid NSAIDs. Because NSAIDs are unable to block the production of leukotrienes and only perpetuate damage to the mucus lining of the gastric system, they actually perpetuate the vicious cycle of inflammation because damage to the mucus lining is often a precursor to stomach ulcers and other painful inflammatory conditions.

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Suggested use: take four times a day or as needed. You can give this to children and pets too. You can even take it in lieu of an over the counter pain relief for a headache!

  • Our Super Boswellin capsules have 300% more boswellic acids than regular boswellin, making this a significantly stronger anti inflammatory for all inflammatory conditions such as:
    • inflammation of joints
    • inflammation of tissue
    • Allergies and asthma
    • Inflammatory bowel conditions

    Holistic Wellness Tip:
    If you love our Super Boswellin, you should really try our Boswellin Curcumin C3 1000mg Caplets.  This is a double anti inflammatory, and if taken in sufficient amounts for your condition and body weight, will give pain relief within the hour.

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