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AC Derma Anti-Aging Cream


1 oz.  Curcumin cream,Paraben-free, glycol-free.


What is Ageless Cures AC Derma Anti-Aging White Curcumin Cream and what can it do for me?

AC Derma Anti-Aging White Curcumin Cream is a proprietary botanical cream with the active ingredient of white curcumin.

AC Derma Anti-Aging White Curcumin Cream includes Tetrahydropiperin, which maximizes absorption through the skin. White Curcumin (tetrahydrocurcumin or THC) will not leave the yellow residue on your skin as is common with most curcumin creams. “Doctors Purest” Ageless Cures AC Derma Anti Aging Cream is both paraben-free and glycol-free, making it extraordinarily gentle on aging skin.

Other Active Ingredients

  • Tetrahydropiperin —enhances the bio-availability of the curcumin
  • Jojoba Oil— provides soothing relief
  • Orange Peel Oil—in addition to providing a pleasant scent for the cream, it may help smooth dry skin
  • Vitamin E—  soothes irritated skin
  • Squalene—an oil derived from olives that calms irritation without leaving oily residue

Directions: Apply a thin film over the affected area, three times daily.

Holistic Wellness Tip: If you love our AC Derma Anti Aging White Curcumin Cream, you should really try our  Boswellia and Curcumin.

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Weight 15 oz