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AC Derma Anti-Aging Cream


1 oz.  Paraben-free, glycol-free. Helps regenerate the skin’s constructive tissues for intensive anti-aging and brightening.


What is Ageless Cures AC Derma Anti-Aging White Curcumin Cream and what can it do for me?

AC Derma Anti-Aging White Curcumin Cream is a proprietary botanical cream that purportedly reduces the appearance of fine lines and regenerate skin cells for a smoother and more firm appearance. The active ingredient, white curcumin, fights free radical damage while protecting skin from aging, stress, pollution, and UV rays without the irritation associated with prescription products such as retinoids. It also may also be known to repair skin damage, specifically “age spots” caused by sun exposure.

AC Derma Anti-Aging White Curcumin Cream contains a precisely formulated white curcumin that includes Tetrahydropiperin, which maximizes absorption through the skin. White curcumin (tetrahydrocurcumin or THC) will not leave the yellow residue on your skin as is common with most curcumin creams. “Doctors Purest” Ageless Cures AC Derma Anti Aging Cream is both paraben-free and glycol-free, making it extraordinarily gentle on aging skin.

Recommended for lightening the appearance of age spots, regenerating skin cells, and reducing the appearance of fine lines

Anti-Aging and Curcumin

What makes AC Derma Anti-Aging Cream unique is its all-purpose protective Curcumin formula. Since the skin is rich in lipids (fatty acids), neutralizing free radicals, reducing UV damage and modulating abnormal cellular growth is essential in slowing down the aging process. Curcumin may also decreases PhK levels and slows down epidermal turnover, helping skin appear more youthful by tightening the epidermal barrier.

When applied topically, AC Derma Anti-Aging Cream likely benefits the skin and protects it due, perhaps, to its likely ability to inhibit specific inflammatory signaling pathways that cause damage.

Application of topical Curcumin cream may safeguard both the superficial and deeper layers of skin as it decreases the normal aging related parameters, including oxidative damage to lipids and age-related pigment accumulation. Research suggests that Curcumin may prevent the penetration of ultra violet rays from the sun into the skin and thus maintains the original color of the pigment of the skin.


Protective effects of tetrahydrocurcumin (white curcumin)

Oxidative stres

Other Active Ingredients

  • Jojoba Oil—contains powerful anti oxidants that heighten the skin smoothing, wrinkle and fine line reducing benefits of Curcumin. Both ingredients purportedly sooth and protect the skin from the harsh effects of the environment.
  • Tetrahydropiperin —enhances the bio-availability of the curcumin, enhancing its absorption into the skin.
  • Vitamin E—It is an anti-oxidant which likely adds yet another beneficial nutrient to this powerful anti aging cream. Additionally, it may help rebuild collagen.
  • Squalane—An oil that can be derived from many living things, it serves to soothe irritation without leaving oily residue. In keeping with our highly conscientious philosophy of keeping our products natural and herbal, our squalene is derived from olives.

Directions: Apply a thin film over the affected area, three times a day or as recommended by a physician.

Holistic Wellness Tip: If you love our AC Derma Anti Aging White Curcumin Cream, you should really try our Curcumin Boswellin. Boswellia and Curcumin are organic herbs which have an anti-inflammatory action in acute and chronic models of inflammation. Since all skin problems are systemic, taking Boswellin Curcumin orally will dramatically increase the benefits of using our AC Derma Anti Aging Cream.

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