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Liquid Green Coffee Bean Extract


2 fl oz. Liquid Drops. 50% CGA (versus typical amounts found of 30% CGA or less)

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About the Product:

  • Sublingual Green Coffee Bean Extract is a liquid supplement that comes in a  dropper bottle for easy oral consumption.
  • Sublingual Green Coffee Bean Extract is 50% CGA (Chlorogenic Acid).  Most of our competitors only have product with 30% CGA.
  • Research strongly recommends the use of a sensible diet along with an moderate exercise regimen (at least three days a week) for effective weight management.

Learn More About Sublingual Green Coffee Bean Extract:

  • The active ingredient in Sublingual Green Coffee Bean Extract is not caffeine—there is actually very little caffeine in green coffee beans. The active ingredient is Chlorogenic Acid (CGA), a natural compound that is only found in green coffee bean extract.
  • Roasting coffee beans changes the compound making it far less effective, so drinking coffee in the morning does not have the same effect.

* Note: The statements above are not endorsed by the FDA. Green Coffee Bean Extract is best used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. Individual results may vary.

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