Super Curcumin C3 Time Release (1000mg)


Each caplet contains 1000mg of Super Curcumin C3 + 4mg of Bioperine+ Time Release component

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Curcumin C3:  Natural Organic Supplement Supporting Overall Health and Inflammation Reduction from Everyday Activity

  • Supports joint health, movement and physical function
  • Offers antioxidant support to neutralize free radicals
  • A highly bioavailable antioxidant defender
  • Contains a time release component to allow for slow release into the bloodstream over a period of time

About the Product:

  • Each caplet of Super Curcumin Time Release with Bioperine contains 1000mg of Curcumin and 4mg of Bioperine.
  • There are 60 caplets per bottle.
  • “Doctors Purest” Ageless Cures’ Curcumin is the purest Curcumin available and is extracted through a patented process from the highest quality turmeric.
  • Notably, 3-5 grams of Curcumin = approximately 100 grams of turmeric.
  • These caplets contain no turmeric fillers, no sugars, no artificial colors or flavors, no dyes, no dairy, no assorted rice or other fillers or any other unnecessary compounds in these caplets.
  • Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, contains a mixture of powerful phyto-nutrients known as curcuminoids.

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