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Liquid Vitamin D3 Drops 5000iu


2 fl oz. 5000 IU per 5 ml. A natural food source liquid vitamin.


Ageless Cures’ Liquid Vitamin D3:

  • Supports bone health, immune wellness, cardiovascular wellness and more
  • Promotes calcium absorption in the body
  • Functions in immune health, cell growth and inflammation moderation

What are Vitamin D Drops and how can they help my overall health?

D3 (also known as cholealciferol) is a liquid form of Vitamin D that the body manufactures when skin is exposed to the sun. Each serving of Ageless Cures Vitamin D Drops contains 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 suspended in ActivAloe® pure aloe vera juice, supplying maximum potency.

Ageless Cures Vitamin D Drops are the best way to take Vitamin D because they are easily absorbed and can also easily be added to juices and smoothies. They are also ideal for children and those who don’t want to increase the number of pills they take each day.

Holistic Health Tip:Vitamin D and Curcumin have several similar benefits. Taking both Vitamin D and curcumin supplements will build a strong foundation for your wellness regimen.

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Weight 5 oz