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Food source vs synthetic vitamins

What’s the difference between food-sourced vs. synthetic vitamins?

Remember the Flintstones vitamins we took as children that were pawned off as treats by our parents who mistakenly thought it was benefiting us? They, along with common adult targeted vitamins like Centrum, are synthetic and composed of nutrients completely manufactured in a lab. The molecular structure of the synthetic vitamins are just similar structures of those occurring in nature, which is helpful for manufacturers since it keeps the cost down and allows them to be unaffected by any scarcity in natural resources. But unfortunately, many enzymes are only properly digested if they are the exact structure the human body recognizes. Thus, those echoed structures are often not recognized by your body and passed through your digestive tract as waste.

A food-sourced vitamin is derived directly form the natural material containing the vitamin and is not produced in a test tube. The benefits being that your body recognizes, metabolizes and uses the vitamins ingested efficiently. When taken daily, a food-sourced vitamin can aid and round out a healthy vitamin consumption for those with impaired digestions, those with dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegan etc.) and those who suffer from conditions such as chronic fatigue and vitamin depletion. Let yourself feel the difference and try Ageless Cures’ Advanced Whole Food Liquid Vitamin and Daily Whole Food Liquid Vitamin.

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